Indio project

Technical Report
Collection of additional field samples
in progress
Collection of field samples
in progress
Certification of field samples
by Alex Stewart | completed
Preparation of a Report NI 43-101
in progress
Property Valuation Report
by RPA Inc. | completed

The Indio property is located in the Department of Tinogasta, Catamarca Province, Northwest Argentina, within the Maricunga Metallogenic Belt. The Property consists of two non-contiguous blocks totaling five mineral concessions, Indio II, Indio III, Indio IV and Indio V, for a total of 9,119.28 ha.

The Maricunga Metallogenic Belt straddles the Chile-Argentina border and consists of a series of coalescing composite, latest Oligocene to Miocene andesitic to rhyolitic volcanic complexes and co-magmatic subvolcanic stocks that extend for 200 km along the western crest of the Andes.

The volcanic rocks, which host multiple associated porphyry gold ± copper and high sulphidation epithermal gold ± silver deposits, as well as numerous other smaller mineral occurrences, overlie older sedimentary and volcanic rocks of Mesozoic and Palaeozoic age. The Lobo-Marte gold porphyry deposit, the Refugio gold mine, the La Coipa gold-silver mine, and the Cerro Casale porphyry copper-gold deposit are located in the Maricunga Belt.

– Technical Report
– Collection of field samples
– Certification of field samples – by Alex Stewart –
– Property Valuation Report – by RPA Inc. –

Exploration activities including:
– Collection of additional field samples.
– Drilling.
– Preparation of a Report NI 43-101

The value of a non-producing mineral property depends on its perceived potential for the existence and discovery of an economic mineral deposit. The potential in turn depends on a number of factors that must be considered when choosing market comparables. These comparability factors include such items as geology, mineralization, stage of exploration and results, mineral resources, location and geography.


Reports on Indio project are available under a Confidentiality Agreement. Other information includes Maricunga Belt studies and NI 43-109 reports for other properties in the Area.

Salares del Norte is proceeding with the exploration work, and open as well to consider selling the asset or joint venture, earn-in agreement / other.

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