Gold Nugget Project

Technical Report – Environmental Impact
Collection of field samples
Certification of field samples
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Collection of additional field samples
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Preparation of a Report NI 43-101
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GOLD NUGGET project is located between parallels 27 ° 34 ‘and 27 ° 39′ south, 68 ° 42 ’36’ ‘and between meridians 68 ° 37’48’ ‘west, precisely at the west end of the Tinogasta department, province from Catamarca, Argentina, 476 km away from the homonymous capital. The area is accessed from the city of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, by RN38 until you reach the junction with RN60, where you travel until you reach the homonymous department. The town of Fiambalá, located in the northern departmental area, is the last community through which it passes through its renowned San Francisco International Pass, about 154 km away from the area of interest. The access footprint is located at the geographical point: 27 ° 38’27.27 «S and 68 ° 9’50.09» Or, it is known as a tourist footprint entering Mount Pissis.

The project is made up of two mining belongings, Gold Nugget VII, Judicial Record 197C2012, and Gold Nugget VIII Judicial Record 196C2012. The corresponding interlocutory sentences are attached . The delimited area covers a total area of 2013.8 Has and is 35 km away from the border boundary with the Republic of Chile.

The Exploration Stage for this project, has a set of activities that will be executed in a time according to the climatic and topographic difficulties of the place and the conditions established in the current legal framework (National and Provincial) for environmental protection and safety Labor in the mining activity.

The value of a non-producing mineral property depends on its perceived potential for the existence and discovery of an economic mineral deposit. The potential in turn depends on a number of factors that must be considered when choosing market comparables. These comparability factors include such items as geology, mineralization, stage of exploration and results, mineral resources, location and geography.

Reports on Gold Nugget project are available under a Confidentiality Agreement.

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